Colour LP/CD & T-Shirt Bundle
$24.99 - $32.99

Colour LP/CD & T-Shirt Bundle
$24.99 - $32.99

Can you believe it's been TEN YEARS since the wonderful Colour split up?!

Now seemed as good a time as any to bring Anthology back on CD and vinyl, including a lovely new pink variant.

As per the original release, both formats come packaged in recycled brown sleeves and include an A3 insert, featuring some very fresh-faced band members in the photos! And as for the music, well it's every track they ever recorded. All 13 songs

Shirts are a two colour Gildan Heavy sports grey

01. Conversations
02. Silverbeast
03. Outerspace
04. Shamu
05. Some Miles
06. Over The Moon
07. Chutes
08. Tired Eyes
09. Unicorns
10. Run Like You're Being Chased
11. Jewels Like Fairy Lights
12. Tallulah's My Mothers Name
13. Dinosaurs