Orchards – Lovecore T-Shirt Bundle
$24.99 - $32.99

Orchards – Lovecore T-Shirt Bundle
$24.99 - $32.99

A welcome addition to any alt-pop lovers ears, Brighton’s indie quartet Orchards are here to bring you their full debut album – Lovecore

With a heavy focus on killer melodies and Lucy’s heartfelt poetic lyrical outpourings centred around her experience with loss, mental health struggles, the environment and relationships, the band explore their fusion of math pop time signatures and pop inspired vocals to produce something bigger, brighter and more ambitious than before.

Armed with a slew of bangers and ballads alike, and in a world that needs more love and light they’re a beacon of catharsis, anthems and hope.

This bundle includes an exclusive T-shirt on Black Gildan Softstyle.


Any of you wanting to pre-order the record early are in for some awesome treats. It’s the pre-order that keeps on giving – we’re talking exclusive tickets, competitions and bonus gifts amongst other things!
The earlier you purchase the more you receive, and you won't pay a penny extra.

Limited bonuses will begin on the dates stated and will only be available from the date of purchase. Each will be announced in due course. You will receive every item or opportunity thereafter, right up until the record drops through your letterbox on the day of release. Basically, the sooner you get involved, the more you’ll get or have the chance to win!
First up is the chance to win one of 50 pairs of tickets to the bands exclusive Lovecore release party on Sat Mar 14th in East London. Just pre-order the record today and register your interest here to enter.

Order before 28th Jan: Chance to win one of 50 pairs of tickets to the band's exclusive Lovecore release party
Order before 14th Feb: Exclusive download of Vacancy - a new song taken from the band's debut album Lovecore!

Order before 27th Feb: Win a one of a kind Test Press of the album!
Order before 10th Mar: ?????
Order before 13th Mar: ?????

1. Sincerely Overwhelmed
2. Burn Alive
3. Sooner
4. Girlfriend
5. Stealing Your Sleep
6. Magical Thinking
7. Social Sobriety
8. Vacancy
9. Give Me
10. Luv You 2
11. History