ME REX - Triceratops/Stegosaurus LP

ME REX - Triceratops/Stegosaurus LP

South London’s ME REX (aka Myles McCabe) has morphed from a solo bedroom project into an exciting collaborative effort that pushes the traditional forms of songwriting to new heights.

With his band (Phoebe Cross (Happy Accidents/Cheerbleederz), Rich Mandell (Happy Accidents) and Kathryn Woods (Fresh/Cheerbleederz)), ME REX makes music that channels conflicting emotions, painted with unique and delicate flourishes yet at its core bearing a depth of emotion that’s so potent, it feels as though it may only just be scratching the surface of what’s to come from the promising songwriter. 

Following the release of his EP Triceratops, ME REX is gearing up for a second release, Stegosaurus, out on 27th November and we’ve put both EPs on an exclusive clear with black marble vinyl, complete with dinosaurs.


1. Stellar Abattoir
2. True North
3. Tannika Pacts
4. Blooded Stud
5. Heart of Garbage
6. Rites
7. Swingset
8. Sinkhole