Ian Miles - Degradation Death Decay LP

Ian Miles - Degradation Death Decay LP

Having spent the better part of a decade touring the globe, Ian Miles (Creeper) is stepping out with his first full solo album Degradation Death Decay. Recorded back in 2018 in Miles’ spare room, it has taken him three years to build the confidence to let this record see the light of day: an album that sweeps through lyrical themes of friendship, love and addiction are delivered with an achingly deliberate sense of longing that pulls at our innermost memories.

Inspired by performance art of the 70s and Halloween — taking cues from the visual legacies of Robert Rauschenberg and Serbian film maker Marina Abramovic while musically drawing on bands such as Conor Oberst, Leonard Cohen, R.E.M and The Cure — this is more art horror project than album. This is Ian Miles at his most vulnerable and at his most honest taking centre stage: an entity that can’t be stopped, much less controlled.

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Track listing:
1. Audioclip - 11_11_2017
2. Blood In My Mouth
3. 08.08.13
4. Truest Blue
5. Overwhelmed
6. Priority
7. I Hope You Choke
8. Sunburn
9. Borderlines
10. They Don’t Understand

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