Orchards – Trust Issues EP

Orchards – Trust Issues EP

For most artists, one of the happiest days of your fledgling career is the release of your debut album and in March 2020, Brighton’s indie/alt-poppers Orchards were all set for their deserved crack at bigger things.

Then of course the week of their album release, a global pandemic intervened. With touring cancelled and music obviously taking a back seat to wider issues, the band were left to reflect on what might have been in 2020/21.

Despite this, the band have locked themselves away and rallied with new music – the irresistible Trust Issues EP. And while their glittery bombastic power indie-pop shows no sign of retreating, the EP has certainly taken on an edgier, darker lyrical tone.

From the anti-establishment ‘Leave Us Here We’re Fine’ to anti love-songs ‘Drive Me Home’ and ‘Wrong Shoes’ the band have found their targets and aren’t letting up; all the way from the attack on the close-minded on ‘Wonderful’ to the anti-media message of ‘Hello Insecurity’.

Congratulations universe you’ve finally pissed off the happiest band in math pop!

*** This 12” not only features the new Trust Issues EP on Side A, but Side B features the bonus remix tracks off the digital deluxe edition of Lovecore! Available physically for the first time, you can enjoy remixes from the likes of Clean Cut Kid, Petrie, Lakes, NIGHTBLIND and Conjurer! ***


1. Leave Us Here (We're Fine)
2. Wrong Shoes
3. Drive Me Home
4. Bye, Insecurity
5. Wonderful

1. Sincerely Overwhelmed (Petrie Remix)
2. Luv You 2 (Lakes Remix)
3. Magical Thinking (Nightblind Remix)
4. Burn Alive (Clean Cut Kid Remix)
5. Social Sobriety (Conjurer Remix)
6. Girlfriend (Piano Version)

500 x Eco Mix